Where mission dollars go

This General Board of Global Ministries’ infographic offers a breakdown of who gave what in 2017.

The spring issue of New World Outlook Magazine carried an infographic that charted the top categories of mission giving in The United Methodist Church for 2017. In addition to dollar amounts, percentages were given as to who donated those dollars: congregations, individuals online or other sources (like foundations).

Several examples:

  • U.S. Disaster Response $39,550, 605 (70% churches; 24% online; 6% other)
  • International Disaster Response $2,087,466 (54% churches; 39% online; 7% other)
  • Missionary Support $3,392,396 (82% churches; 16% online; 2% other)

Information is not readily available as to how Michigan Conference mission giving separated according to the categories in the infographic. However, it can be reported that the Michigan Conference 2017 giving to The Advance totaled $2,594,094.

Click here for the infographic.




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