Izzy is on the go

The Rev. Carl Gladstone introduces Izzy Nowak (center) at the 2018 Michigan Annual Conference. Youth Initiatives Coordinator, Bridget Nelson, participated in Izzy's faith formation through the THRIVE Leadership Academy sponsored by the Detroit Conference. ~mic photo/Hannah Hazen

Izzy Nowak is leaving home in Pinconning for a convocation in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Senior Editor-Writer, Michigan Conference

United Methodist youth, young adults and adult workers from all over the world are gathering next week in Johannesburg, South Africa, for worship, fellowship, leadership development and conversations about young people’s hopes and dreams for the church.
The Global Young People’s Convocation (GYPC), a collaborative effort among the church’s general agencies led by Young People’s Ministries (YPM), a unit of Discipleship Ministries, is expected to bring together 331 participants for the five-day event beginning July 18.

Isabella (Izzy) Nowak, a young woman active at Pinconning United Methodist Church, is a member of the North Central Jurisdiction’s delegation to the event.

The Rev. Carl Gladstone, Young People’s Ministries’ North Central Jurisdiction staff person, says, “During the Global Young People’s Convocation Izzy will be surrounded and inspired by the voices and gifts of young United Methodists from all around the world.”

In her statement on the NCJ Young People’s website, Izzy said: “I am 16 years old. I have been attending United Methodist churches since I was eight-years-old. I attend Pinconning United Methodist Church and Pinconning High School where I am a sophomore. I would love to explore my journey with God even farther! I am extremely passionate about Global ministries as a whole and have attended several Detroit Annual Conferences and District conferences. I hope to attend General Conference in the future and learn more about church politics on a global scale. I would love to be able to take my new learned discoveries of God home to share them with my community.”

The Convocation is an opportunity to raise the joys and concerns of young people from all around the globe as it develops young leaders for effective ministry.

“When young people and leaders from 40 different countries come together for the convocation, they will be seeking community in the midst of a divisive time in our church and reaching beyond language and culture boundaries to experience unity that only Christ can bring,” said Michael Ratliff, Associate General Secretary at Discipleship Ministries and head of the YPM unit.

“As they discern the critical issues of young people in our church and world, the 134 voting delegates and 121 nonvoting delegates will be speaking to the centrality of the Christian Gospel and Methodist Way in shaping our denomination for the future,” Ratliff said.

Legislation adopted by the forum may be referred to the Division on Ministries with Young People (DMYP) or be sent directly to the 2020 General Conference.

Gladstone notes, “Izzy and other delegates will have the chance to prayerfully speak their shared witness into the life of our church. What a gift this is for all participants and The United Methodist Church.” 

Izzy Nowak’s participation is a significant opportunity for the voice of Michigan youth to be heard.

Learn more about Izzy’s passion for ministry in this YouTube video that was produced a year ago during the delegate selection process. Click here for more about GYPC 2018. Pray for Izzy and fellow delegates as they embark on the faith adventure of a lifetime.



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