Where have all the pastors gone?

The appointive cabinet 2018-2019. See Cabinet Identifier below. ~mic photo/Hannah Hazen

July 1 marked the beginning of a new season of ministry. Here’s the 2018 appointment list.

Some pastors and congregations continue together for a new year of making disciples and transforming the world. Other pastors have moved and congregations are welcoming them to mission and ministry together. And all are moving forward in a new district as of July 1.

Here’s your six-page guide to the pastoral appointments for 2018-2019. Click here.


~Cabinet Identifier, left to right. Front row: Rev. Dr. Margie Crawford (Midwest District); Bishop David A. Bard; Rev. Elizabeth Hill (Heritage District); Rev. Dirk Elliott (Director of Church Vibrancy); Rev. John Hice (East Winds District). Back row: Rev. Anita Hahn (Northern Waters District); Rev. Dr. Charles Boayue (Greater Detroit District); Rev. John Boley (Clergy Assistant to the Bishop); Rev. Dr. Jerome DeVine (Mid-Michigan District); Rev. Dwayne Bagley (Greater Southwest District); Rev. David Kim (Central Bay District); and Rev. Scott Harmon (Northern Skies District).



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