U of M professor looks forward to speech by Pope

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Professor Daniel Ramirez is a scholar of Religion in the Americas on the faculty at the University of Michigan. Dr. Ramirez has done a variety of interviews regarding Pope Francis’ visit to the United States.


Law, grace and history

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“Not everything old is stagnant, and not everything new is deep,” says the Rev. Dr. Chris Momany in his latest blog.


Who are the Victors, anyway?

LAURIE HALLER Birmingham First UMC, Sr. Pastor It’s exciting even for someone who is not hard core. Imagine sitting in a stadium of 106,000 rabid football fans, a part of something bigger than yourself, everyone united in a common mission and cheering on your favorite college football team by singing, “Hail! to the victors valiant;


Why Churches Should Rethink their Preacher’s Salary

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WES MCADAMS The job a preacher does and the money he takes home seems pretty cut-and-dry to most church members, “Our preacher ‘ministers’ to this congregation – he visits the sick, he counsels, he evangelizes, he preaches, he teaches, he writes bulletin articles, and does whatever else we ask of him – and we pay him to


Prayer for anniversary of 9/11

The Rev. Jeremy Pridgeon is the District Superintendent of the Pensacola District of the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference. He lifts this prayer as the 14th anniversary of terror that struck the United States on September 11, 2001.


The church that wouldn’t die

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This week’s “Leading Ideas” e-newsletter features an excerpt from the Rev. Faith Fowler’s book, “This Far by Faith.” Receive courage and hope from a church janitor many call, “Rev. Richard.”


Mountain preachers inspire

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On Aug. 14, Henderson Settlement hosted its second “MountainTalk” ministry conversation series, bringing three authors and speakers together for a storytelling and preaching workshop on its mountain campus. The Appalachian stories and anecdotes offered up by a spirited trio produced five take-away lessons for preachers in pulpits anywhere.


Wanted … good theology

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The Rev. Dr. Chris Momany, has been chaplain and director of church relations at Adrian College since 1996 and has taught in the Department of Philosophy/Religion since 1998. In this month’s reflection on the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church, Chris asserts that theology, “is the lifeblood of the church.” He goes on to


The first sign of civilization

REV. JACK HARNISH Retired Clergy, Detroit Conference If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?  Recently I heard a preacher quote the great anthropologist Margaret Meade.  I asked him for the reference and he said he had picked it up somewhere but didn’t have the source, so of course I went online.