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EPIC Middle School Camp at Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center. ~ Facebook/Michigan Area United Methodist Camping

Camp changes lives. It’s not too late to sign up for a 2018 Michigan Conference camp.

As soon as school let out in June, campers hit the trails across Michigan, making friends and learning more about God’s love at work in the world and their lives.

And the summer season is not over. Click here to learn of opportunities still open to children, youth and adults.

Why go to camp? Our campers share why …


  • Helping in the kitchen, Edythe J. said she had a meaningful experience that taught her a lot of important lessons. “Watching the kids enjoying their fellowship made the hard work worth it.”
  • Rev. Paula Timm is one dean at Kinawind. Before camp even got started she felt the deep history of the place, where deans over the last 30+ years have left their names on the dean bunk bed!


  • We held the first-ever Crystal Springs Grandparent Camp with over 30 participants! Alyson L. commented on Facebook: “Thank you everyone at Crystal Springs responsible for grandparents camp! The kids had a wonderful time and thanks Milwood United Methodist church for sending so many kids to camp!”
  • Laughter rolls across the camp when we get out our new Zorbs. The kids are loving playing bumper bowling or just rolling around. Thank you to all you contributed toward this new activity.
  • High School is full of challenges, one camper shared with her dean that camp had a big impact her. “Thank you guys so much for opening my eyes to see that I do belong, I’m not alone, and that God does want a relationship with me no matter what I’ve been through, will go through, what state of mind I’m in, or what it takes.”


  • Jaime B. shared on Facebook her two children “came home singing and with a brighter light surrounding them. Thank you for showing, caring and spreading the love of CHRIST.”
  • New directors Greg and Trish Farrell shared, “As we start to learn our new community and meet people, we run into Judson Collins alumni everywhere! As we order t-shirts from a local vendor, we learned his wife when to JC. And while at Lowe’s to buy a piece for the sink, the associate worked at JC in the ’80s. At our Open House, a staff member from 1958 came to visit and share his stories of 60 years ago. The experiences at Judson Collins last a lifetime!”


  • We thoroughly enjoyed hearing stories from the ol’ days when former director Harvey Weaver and “Momma Bear” Weaver visited camp recently. It was great to share camp stories and dreams.
  • One High School dean, Tricia Terkeurst-Shangle, said one of her greatest joys is seeing the change in campers through the week. “This year we had a camper who had never spent the night away from home … To watch her transform from shy and unsure of herself to outspoken, independent and comfortable-in-her-own-skin was amazing to watch. When she opened up during Bible study this camper found her own story was similar to others. To be able to foster a deeper relationship not only with God but also other campers is what Youth Camping is about. At the end of the week she expressed how happy she was that she pushed herself to come to camp and that she had been forever changed.”


Do you have an experience or special memory from camp? we’d love to hear them. Send a note to [email protected].



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