Videos get to heart of Way Forward

The 32-member commission had its final meeting in the Upper Room in Nashville in May 2018. ~ cowf photo/Maidstone Mulenga

The Commission on A Way Forward offers ten videos to help prepare hearts for the 2019 Conference.

These videos document the experiences, hopes, dreams, concerns, approach, and learnings of the 32-member Way Forward Commission, which recently completed its report that will be presented to the 2019 Special Session of General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The purpose of the videos is to give viewers “a sense of how the Commission built relationship and community, how it developed and worked to maintain hearts of peace as we accomplished our work, and how the Commission developed the plans that the church will see in its report,” said the Commission moderators Bishops Ken Carter, Sandra Steiner Ball and David Yemba.  

The moderators hope these videos will encourage preparation for, and respond to, General Conference with a heart of peace. “We have learned that this makes all the difference in how we treat one another and therefore listen to one another.” (Read the full letter from the moderators.)

CLICK HERE to view or download the videos.



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